The latest trend in the fashion industry – designer sarees

Designer sarees have become a must- have in your wardrobe irrespective of your age, your region or your fashion statements. It makes every woman look beautiful and elegant and provides a traditional look. Saree has been a trademark in the Indian fashion industry but now even the West seems to have adopted the elegant look of saree. These days, designer saree has become the major party wear among Indian women. Be it a wedding, an engagement reception, an office party or even a formal function, saree is the most common and the most popular attire in India. 

In some cases, from a staple cloth, saree has now shifted to a party wear and this is why the popularity of designer sarees has increased. The main feature of designer sarees that make it stand apart from the rest of the crowd is the uniqueness it provides. They are custom made for you and thus are a personalized version of your fashion sense and your fashion styles. Thus, here you have the option of experimenting with materials, patterns, designs and even draping styles. Depending on your body type, complexion and the context in which you are wearing the saree, you can choose a suitable designer saree. For instance, if you are a slim woman and you are looking for a saree for a wedding, you should go for a saree in raw cotton or silk with heavy work and bold designs. This will make you look more beautiful and elegant.

Another advantage of designer sarees is the possibility of bold fusions they provide. Designer sarees are often a gorgeous mix between western and traditional styles. The variety is visible in the colors, the patterns, the fabrics and even in the blouses as well. It is a proper mix of traditional and modern look and thus gives you a bold and stylish look. It will make sure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd. With designer sarees you can also largely experiment with colors. While traditional sarees stick to specific color patterns, designer sarees have no such restrictions. You can experiment with bright colors, bright patterns, heavy works etc.

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