Must have Sarees in your wardrobe

“Saree” can have one word and one meaning, But the desire for the Sarees and its varieties are enormous. A Saree is weaved by mentioning yards for say 6 yards to 8 yards. The origin of Saree derives from India, and it’s somehow an asset for every Indian family. When it comes to fabric, the varieties come keeps coming out like “Akshaya Patra “ (inexhaustible vessel) cotton saree, silk cotton saree, Mulberry cotton, kovai cotton, pure cotton, chiffon saree, synthetic saree, kanchivaram silk saree, Kashmiri Silk saree, Mysore silk Sari, Pythani Sari, Benaras Sari, Jute saree, Linen Saree, it goes on and on, a page is not enough. So which do you prefer to have must in your wardrobe. 

This is how the desire for Sarees pops out in mind. Wearing Saree is an auspicious moment, and the first time wearing Saree is always the mom’s Saree, which is again very special moment. No doubt, Sari is the one which gives the best elegant look, suits for all occasions for its varieties and designs. Working women prefer easy wear light weight Sarees, so they go for cotton Saree, when it is occasion they prefer soft silk Sarees for the elegant look. Mulmul cotton is another level of cotton saree which is currently in trend and highly attracted by youngsters for its less maintenance and the printing designs on the saree adds more beauty, especially it’s easy to drape. So Mulmul cotton is also a must have Saree in the wardrobe. 

How can a wardrobe be without Kanchivaram Silk Saree, the most privileged fabric and default must have in the wardrobe. Every woman's dream is to own kanchipuram silk sari, during auspicious occasions the first priority goes to kanchipuram silk sarees, especially during wedding, kanchi Silks is considered as a family member. Kanchipuram Silk thread is considered as an auspicious treasure in South lndian families. Added, there is a strong belief that the silk thread brings positive vibrations for the wearer. Temple visits, maximum women prefers kanchivaram silk saree, belief says that kanchi silks attracts positive energy. That’s the reason Kanchipuram silks is provided as offerings in temple. As it’s known that Kanchivaram silks has its own history were only royal people were allowed to wear it and it’s denied for common people. These norms were followed for decades and decades and due to modernization currently its common to all. But still Kanceepuram Silks has its own dignity and divine. Women in Kancheepuram Silk saree is otherwise a princess or a queen. So queens decide what to have in your wardrobe.