Know more about Jute & Tussar Sarees

Jute Sarees

The Jute fibres mixing with silk and enhances to be a Jute silk saree. Pure jute sarees when its mixes with silk or cotton the texture of the saree blends to be soft and smooth.

Jute Silk Saree

Naturally jute has a sheen shine of the golden fibre. Jute lignin Sarees add much beauty and comfort to the weaver, .Because jute silk is made of natural plants. It's eco-friendly and skin friendly too.There are a mass number of versatile collections in Jute silk sarees. Jute silk sarees and Jute cotton sarees, carries its own beauty and poshness. Both jute cotton and Jute silk sarees never compromise when it comes with a rich look.

Jute silk gives an ultimate elegant look to the weaver and the combination of the contrast borders enhances extra attractiveness on the look. Jute silk sarees with vibrant colours and pastel colours,both combinations are sure to rock the show.  Jute silks can be maintained by washing and the best suggestion is dry clean.The natural substances of the fabric are suitable for all weather conditions,especially summer season,Jute silk works.

The light weight of the saree is easy to wear and the pleats lie on it place without any hardworking  on draping the saree.Jute silk sarees comes in various designs.Printed,Kalamkari, Aari work, silk mixed plain, and much more attractive collections.


Tussar Sarees

Tussar is also called a ‘Kosa silk’ manufactured from Jharkhand state of India. When it is said Tussar silk, the name of it varies according to the places,for say its known an kosa silk, tusser, tussore, tussur, tasar, but the meaning is same.

Tussar Sarees

Tussar silk is woven using silk worm’s thread. Tussar silks are manufactured in India, Sri lanka, China, Japan and much more countries. Tussar silks are sure to give a rich look, which comes in vibrant and pastel colours. Tussar silk carries its own beauty for its natural texture and the softness.

Tussar silk comes in handicraft ,chemical dyes to discover colours apparently. Tussar silks are a worldwide popular fabric, which has an endless number of designs and creativity of fashion is on the next level. Tussar silk has a slippery texture which gives a feather touch feel. Tussar silk is a more glossy enhanced rich look or say the poshness of the quality. 


Tussar silks as Highly seen in wedding collections.  Pure Tussar silks and Tussar silks mixed with various fabrics such as lignin, kanchivaram silks, cotton mixed tusar ,the list is on. The Tussar silks very well suits with brides to enhance the elegant beauty with wedding jewelry. Tussar silk is worn for various occasions based on the heaviness of the designs. Overall Tussar silk has simple to grand designs,which is sure to have a gorgeous look.