New Year! New Trend with Pulimoottil Silks!

Cheers to the much anticipated holiday season in December! These brilliant days give us cause to look forward despite the ups and downs of a global crisis. And even though it's time to say goodbye to the arduous 2022 year, the final week requires ramping up glitzily to a festive celebration attitude.

At Pulimoottil Silks online, you will find some unique new trends for New Year 2023. A classic departure from the expected dress code is to include a nod or a full embrace of ethnicity in your Christmas and New Year's attire from us.

 Here are new trends that you need to look after at Pulimoottil Silks online:

 Floral Embroidery Sarees

The saree trends of 2023 are dominated by floral embroidery, and it's beautiful. Our favourite of the most recent saree designs we are aware of is this one. The fine craftsmanship, exquisite details, and overall attractiveness are unique. We strongly advise net sarees if you want to continue this trend.

 Pastel Silk Sarees

Silk is already in style, but pastel appeals to young women trying sarees for the first time and offers a traditional touch with a pop of contemporary colour. For Indian women, silk sarees have long been considered timeless. Its plush, velvety touch is hypnotic in itself. For a long time, pastel silk sarees have been a favourite among women of all body kinds and skin tones. They are available in pure or chiffon-blend varieties.

 Ombre Sarees

The ombre saree is the epitome of modern Indian clothing. These sarees offer a novel interpretation of the six yards and make a fabulous wedding dress or present for a loved one.

This saree is a cost-effective attire available in crepe and georgette fabrics. Sarees with ombre embroidery and different embellishments like lace and zari are available.


Ombre sarees, popular among the younger population, are a treat for everyone and come in various hues and patterns.



Organza Sarees

Due to the organza material, everything has a romantic feel to it. Sarees made of organza offer a very polished and fashionable appearance. They appear much more alluring in pastel colours and floral patterns. They are universally pleasing and simple to make extravagant. These soft sarees are a stylish option for brides and bridesmaids of today. An organza saree ought to be a staple in your wardrobe by 2023.

 Net Sarees

Although net sarees resemble sequined sarees in look, they possess a unique attraction that appeals to everyone. Cocktail parties are the perfect setting for elegant net sarees. They are available in various hues, such as aqua blue, red, and yellow pastels.

 Ruffle Sarees

You don't need elaborate blouses or hefty jewellery to complete your look when the ruffles on the refined saree style are this good. Our attention has been drawn to ruffles recently, and they are stunning. No other saree pattern can compare to the layer, texture, and flare of this one. Always pair a basic ruffle saree with a sequin blouse, which is our recommendation.

 In A Nutshell

These are just a few fantastic new saree designs that have been taking over the fashion world, but there are many more. At Pulimoottil Silks online, our fashionistas are doing everything they can to recreate some breathtaking costumes from a fresh perspective. A wide range of sarees is available on Pulimoottil Silks online.