Choose The Best Saree For Your Body Type

Sarees are some of the most basic apparel items for women that accentuate your natural features and curves. The 6-yard standard has dominated the Indian clothing business for a long time. Oddly enough, a saree's appeal is still as strong and feminine as ever. Given its general popularity, it probably always will be.

Add a dash of personal style by putting on those bindis, kohl-rimmed eyes, and red lipstick, then show off your Indian appearance to the fullest. Here is some advice for all the ladies who enjoy wearing sarees. You can buy sarees online from Pulimoottil Silks.

Apple-Shaped Body

Most women have curvy figures, which suggests that they are heavier in the upper part. You should choose statement sarees with elaborate embroidery and bright, large designs and drape them slightly higher. 

This type of physique is typically faced by women in their middle age and is highly typical of Indian women. You can experiment with various saree drapes, such as the ulta pallu or double pallu, or you can even go out of the ordinary by wearing contrasting blouses that will give your outfit a theatrical appeal.

Inverted Triangle Body

You have an apple- or inverted triangle-shaped body if your lower body is thinner than your upper body. You should emphasise your lower body and accentuate your waist if you have larger shoulders, a fuller bust, and small hips.

Select darker-shaped shirts and wear them with colourful sarees. Put on belts with embellishments or other jewellery that draw attention to your waist. You can also experiment with various draping techniques, such as a can-can skirt draped in a saree or a dhoti drape.

Hourglass Shaped Body

If your waist is clearly defined and your chest and hips are similar, you have an hourglass body. Choose lightweight, transparent sarees like georgette, crepe, satin, and chiffon that are opaque in colour and have minimal embroidery to beautifully accentuate your natural curves.

Rectangle Shaped Body

You have a rectangle-shaped figure if your waist, hips, and bust are all vertically aligned in the same direction. A rectangle-shaped body will look best in Kanchipuram sarees, Banarasi sarees with classic techniques, and a richly embroidered blouse. If you need help finding the perfect dress, try to buy a saree online.

You don't have many curves. So, always make pleats in the pallu rather than letting it flow naturally. Choose a shirt with an off-shoulder or sleeveless design to highlight your toned arms.

Petite Shaped Body

If you are short and slender, you have a tiny body. Such women should wear traditional Indian clothing with thin borders, which also will make them appear taller than they are. For tiny women, large patterns and thick borders are inappropriate.

The features to choose from in a saree are vital embroidered work and medium prints. Pick a blouse with a bare back to provide the appearance of height. You need to wear sarees with detail because wearing simple ones would make you appear smaller.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the body types of Indian women most frequently observed. We at Pulimoottil Silks online have a little bit for everyone, regardless of your shape or choice. Finding distinctive designer outfits and buying sarees online is essential. In addition, Pulimoottil Silks sells coordinating blouses.