Design Your Outfit with Pulimootil Silks

Wearing anything can reveal a lot about a person. This may explain why so many individuals find trends and fashion fascinating. Consider designing your clothing if you have a different yet creative sense of style.

It's easier than you may imagine to make personalised apparel. Have you ever spent hours swooning over clothing patterns? Or perhaps you looked far and wide for the ideal cloth pattern but needed help to get the appropriate materials.

Here are some fantastic outfits which you can design using Pulimootil Silks Materials:

Customized saree with designer blouses

Finding a soft, comfortable fabric with a lovely appearance is the first step in giving your homemade saree the greatest impression. You can use whatever material you choose because you are constructing the saree yourself.

Always stitch the saree's border edges together when creating one. Adding a lovely border makes a saree look stunning. Any saree, no matter how plain, would seem bright and rich with an embroidered border. Now, you need to pair it with some amazing designer blouses to complete the look.

With customised sarees, the best part is that you can create the same outfit for many, especially when planning a theme-based wedding or birthday party.

Embroidery Dupatta

Dupattas have gone a long way from a plain piece of fabric with a Gota border to an entire 7kg package adorned with jewels, jari, and other decorations.

Dupattas—from simple ones to those with extra drapes—have become a crucial style element in bridal design. With so many exciting new ideas emerging daily and at night, Dupatta styling has become more important today.

Gowns and frocks

A gown's fabric selection is crucial since different materials could give the same garment a different appearance and fall. Some fabrics give the dress a glossy shine, while others don't provide any sheen.

Some materials go better with these styles than others, much like how some textiles are firm and structured while others are loose and flowy. It is also possible to make the gown out of a combination of fabrics, using a stronger fabric to give it the shape you want and a softer fabric as an overlay to give it a delicate look. These custom-made gowns are best for designing dresses for your bridesmaids at your wedding.

Final Thoughts

While most fabric retailers will offer you various styles and prints, creating your designs is quite satisfying for a fashion designer. Every designer's dream come true are custom prints and fabric patterns, and every designer wants to create something that reflects their unique personality. 

Although there is plenty of materials on the market, creating and printing fabric designs can be more economical and imaginative. To find the appropriate fabrics for your wedding, birthdays, or even for a night out, get in touch with Pulimootil Silks online.