Top premium Sarees 2022

How do we prioritise the most wanted things in our life. Firstly, when we feel it’s precious, unique, extraordinary, rare, hardly earned, expensive, auspicious all together become best moments. Extraordinary performance are considered as premium. That is how we value our premium saree collections which are mostly Dream come true assets. 


When it comes to Sarees, it’s tough to point one Saree to be a premium from the wardrobe. Huge varieties of collections,  occasions keep us fingers crossed to opt one out of it. What makes the Saree so unique to prioritise, the colour of the saree matters, the design matters, the grandeur matters, and the reasons are countless. Now let’s move about the premium collections saree to add in your wardrobe. Any occasion the first preference goes to Kanchipuram Silks Sarees. To look trendy nor traditionally updated, first impressions costume is undoubtedly the most attractive Royal Kanchipuram Sarees

To fall in love with this Saree the reasons could be built.The gorgeous look and the stunning appearance of Elite princess look, adding crown to the beauty. Kanchivaram Silks are suitable for all age categories. Each and every work of Kanchipuram silks speaks it’s beauty and ethnicity. The contrast pallu, border designs, shimmery textures, shiny attractive colour combinations, the detailing of the weaving patterns depicts antique designs, traditional historical stories, anybody who sees a person wearing Kanchi Silks, they at least stuck on the beauty for few seconds, the eyes refuse to blink. Especially wedding Kanchivaram Silks Sarees poles first place in premium collections. Following it, festivals, celebrations, pilgrimage visits Kanchipuram Silks prioritise at its best. 

A page isn’t enough to describe the elegance of Kanchipuram silk sarees, words tumble front, because of its huge varieties and vast designs, it gives an awestruck feel. Pastel colours, bright colours combinations everything has a mass look and uniqueness of its own. No wonder it’s a feel of queen walking on Red carpet. 

The next to prioritise as premium is , when we think of parties, receptions, get togethers, thoughts goes to designer Sarees. Designer Sarees collections are filled with endless collections the fabrics are of mass varieties. Satin, organza, georgette, chiffon, silk mixed, velvet and the list grows. The designer collections basically attracted from Bollywood industry. Film stars opt for designer wears to look more attractive and attention seeking. The organza designer Sarees with its attractive aari work blouse patterns. With its shimmery look is outstanding out of crowd. It even comes with silk borders and also with sequence embroidery works of heavy designer blouse adds more value. Designer Sarees could be combined with perfect blouse fits. Plain silk, Sarin fabric blouse give privilege look, it could be contrast colours or same colour combinations. Georgette Designer Sarees are skin friendly. 

Next in the premium list is Banarasi Sarees. Benaras silk sarees are considered privileged premium sarees. Banarasi Silk sarees are commendably famous for its vibrant colour combinations. It’s been originated from Benaras and Varanasi. Beautiful shades and heavy weaving looks unique and extraordinary royalty. It often provides a grandeur look, they are huge in varieties and trendy too. Exquisite Banarasi Silk Sarees comes with different combinations of fabrics, pure Benaras, Banarasi silk mixed even with Kanchivaram silks based on orders. Zari woven Banarasi silk saree are highly posh looked Sarees. It’s there from lightweight to heavyweight Sarees. It’s based on its sacred weaving.”Upada silk sarees “ look like organza pattern fabrics, they are lightweight gorgeous stunning shiny sarees. Suitable for all sort of functions, easy to drape sarees. Budget friendly Uppada Sarees play a vital role in wedding collections, traditional looks. Pure Uppada Silks originate from Southside silk fabric. Youngsters mostly stick on Uppada silk saree collections for its light weight grand look and especially it touches Kanchivaram silk saree designs and patterns. The list is still on, don’t miss to choose your premium saree collections