Are you a Saree Lover

Almost majority of women are said to Saree lovers. Do you need any reason to fall in love with. Each saree carry its own unique beauty. The beauty of the Saree lies on how the way you wear and carry it yourself. Proper draping, right choice of fabric, appropriate place to wear, the weather conditions, occasions, jewellery, hairstyle everything matters. 

Being Authentically unique is different and being awkwardly odd is different. Perfect guidelines to look unique will help you to achieve the perfect look. The colour combinations of the Saree, and the patterns plays a vital role for a fabulous look. A simple silk cotton saree, with a gorgeous trendy contrast heavy blouse makes wonders. Be aware to choose apt jewelleries according to the fabric of the saree. 

When it comes to silk sarees gold, pearl diamonds suits so good. While choosing the size of the Jewelry design, concentrate on whether you will be single pleating the Saree of full pleated Saree. If you are opting to wear a single pleat, choker and necklace patterns give a perfect look. Heavy gaudy jewelleries are not recommendable to wear as there are chances to loose it’s own elegant look. Full pleated Silk Saree patterns goes with a necklace and a piece of middle or long harem (either one) gives a perfect neat look without any clumsiness. Jhumkas goes well with single and full pleated Saree.

Coming to hairstyle, concentrate on your forehead and shape of your chin, and decide on whether to have a puffy hairstyle with hair buns or fish style plat , if you are planning for a free hair look, concentrate on perfect hair settings so as not to disturb your elegant looks. Less is more, if you wish to project yourself beautifully, minimalism the gaudiest jewelleries and blouse design patterns. For say, if you are wearing a heavy woven saree, let the blouse design be simple and neat checkers with neat looking hairstyle. If the saree is simple and subtle, you can opt for heavy Aarti work with a contrast blouse and a heavy Jewelry with a perfect hairstyle would work(free hair do work). In a nutshell, no doubt Sarees are evergreen beauty all the time. A simple attention to perfect accessories, adds hands on beauty and respect for the Saree lovers.