Different Saree Styles

A five and a half meters of Saree can be draped in an end number of style patterns with all creativity. Saree styles can be draped based on farewell, wedding, modern classy, wedding traditional, wedding Indian, farewell teenagers, farewell classy whatsoever. You will be incredibly beautiful in whatever style you wear and drape it. For say, if you are opting for summer wear, just take on a ride to your wardrobe collections and be bold to mix and match your blouses and sarees. Adding style to your saree looks are the blouses. 

Perfect stylish blouses go incredibly gorgeous with any sarees. Try different patterns of blouses as they have huge varieties, it’s not easy to opt for one design or style. So try out as many patterns as you can. Choose it with trendy bell bottom sleeves, feather sleeves, boat neck patterns, corsets, collar neck patterns full shoulder, half shoulder patterns and the list just runs on and on. 

A traditional Saree can be converted into a westernized look just by adding a belt on it. These patterns are widely seen at international runway shows. One saree can be draped in versatile patterns, draping ideas are infinite. Drape one saree differently each time you wear, obviously gives a new feel each time you wear. 

Aesthetic sense of draping a saree so differently is a next level fashionista look for any age. Those aunty look petticoats can go for rest, instead try wearing it over a Jean pant, a dhoti. Be particular on what blouse pattern you are opting to wear, let it be even more trendy with a close neck style with quirky sleeves. It adds style while you drape it on a nine yard saree with a chic belt for a punch look. 

There are hundreds of blouse patterns for each and every occasion. So dare to experiment whenever you have the option to choose to wear a saree. If you have a palazzo pant boldly try it on with a Georgette or crepe saree for a fabulous look. Throw the mindset of saree for occasional use. Make it a daily routine mix and match it up, feel comfortable making sarees as regular usage. 

Nowadays celebrities are showing a mass appearance by draping sarees with different styles and creating a fashion boom in the society, projecting highly modernized looks by wearing traditional sarees in a stylish manner. Trust us, you will mail it among the crowds with your unique trendy westernized fusion style just from your grandma’s saree. It can be either a Kanchivaram, Benarasi, Designer, georgette, cotton, crape, whichever the fabric of saree it may be, varieties of styling options are open , so what are you waiting for to be a trend setter styling your Sarees.