How to maintain the treasuring Silk Saree

Reminding the most auspicious moment for an Indian woman is her silk sarees . The precious and privileged position in a womenswear’s wardrobe is treasuring her honorable silk saree. The more the care of maintaining a Silk saree, the life time of Silk Sarees exceeds to generations. The neatly folded ironed Silk Saree adds elegant look wearing during best occasions. 

The Zari woven on silk sarees are versatile and have to be maintained diligently. Silk Sarees are occasional Sarees and not for regular purposes of wearing, the folding method of Sarees, maintaining an expensive Saree with all love and care is a commitment of treasuring the silk sarees for decades. Firstly after wearing the delicate Silk Saree, it has to be folded in a light manner and just lay it on the open air in a shadowed place, then next step for a dry cleaning option. If you think the Silk Saree is clean and you have worn the saree for a few hours , washing doesn’t seem necessary, further you could proceed for steam iron, better not try it at home, give it to a professional for good care. 

Steam ironing helps to maintain the quality of Silk saree for longer duration and the freshness of the Silk fabric stays fresh. Maintaining the colour of the silk saree is even more challenging , not letting it fade off. Never ever use washing machines for silk sarees. Gently handle the zari part, body part of the silk saree with much care, add a pinch of rock salt and lemon drops for hand washing the silk saree. Soft sea sponge can be used to clean the saree, never use hard brush or detergent soaps on the soft Silk fabric. 

During manual wash of Silk sarees, note water is not chlorine mixed as it may spoil the softness of silk fabric and add more chances of losing its original colour. * Choose the best silk washing liquids mildly with gentle care. * Usually Silk sarees are soft in nature, so hair conditioners work well on the fabric, this is only for maintenance of the softness, but not recommended for removal of stains. * Stained silk sarees are preferably recommended for dry cleaning as the first priority, without delaying as there are chances for the stains to remain harder. Mostly Silk Sarees are colour dyed, so when you give a try of hand washing the silk saree to remove the stains, there are more chances for the colour of the fabric might run off from the silk cloth. Discoloration of the fabric might occur, when used water for removing stains. * Stains are of different types, for say easy removal stains to tough stains. Based on that, hand washing methods vary. 

Touch stains acid content might be in need, during that time reconsider only if you feel home treatment is safe for the fabric. If you are hand washing the Silk Saree , do not squeeze it, as it might cause permanent damage to the fabric. Pat it with a towel to drain the water, fold on four sides with the help of a helping hand and dry it under a shadowed place, not exposing it to sunlight. Later fold the saree inwards to maintain the sheen of zari and place it covering up with white muslin cloth or cotton cloth or there are many cotton cloth covers available in the market. It's quite useful. Importantly never use naphthalene balls as it has a melting substance it might stick on the silk to cause permanent stains. Instead place a sachet wrapping it with a cotton cloth placed nearby to the silk sarees. Randomly changing the folding of saree avoids damaging of silk often pat dry in a cool temperature for longer stay. Hope these tips of Silk Saree maintenance might be useful for you.