Summer Pick Sarees

Everyone loves to look gorgeous in their attire for any occasion. Festivals during summer season makes us think twice or thrice of wearing heavy silk. We wish to wear light weight at the same time , skin friendly yet gorgeous. Graceful looks , signature style of silk sarees from different brands are unbeatable. Jute silk , Tussar silk sarees, Organza silk, silk cotton sarees, pastel color  combinations are perfect collections during summer season.


All time trendy sarees are evergreen silk sarees. Draping a saree are of different types and of one's own convenience. One of the reasons to choose silk sarees is for its perfect fall on the fleat. At the same time light weight silk sarees are easy to drape and carry yourself .Light weight silk sarees go best with all sorts of accessories like gold , Silver, beads, pearls adding beauty for an elegant look. Any age people fall in love with silk sarees. Whatever shape the  body is , a silk saree never compromises on its look. Everyone looks gorgeous in their own way wearing silk sarees. Silk sarees are wide in range , And it's really hard to choose one. Choosing a saree is more or less like a marathon to find a suitable one. While choosing a silk saree, stay focused and conscious  about its sustainable fabric and skin friendly . Too many varieties confuse a woman to be like which one for what occasion to wear . Suitable on grandeur option is left to you based on the occasions gives a subtle and elegant look. Dark shades give a grandeur look, either way are gorgeous.

 Coming to summer wear collections. Khadi-cotton is unbeatable , suitable for daily wear, but maintenance is quite necessary to maintain the number of the saree. Linen , comes both in silk, cotton and it's a  breathable fabric too. A shampoo wash maintains the sustainability of the fabric. Linen silk is sustainable for posh party wears , fits to a determined ethnic look.

The wedding seasons are in full swing , Occasions and rituals are lining up back to back. Stick on here for more ideas about the outfits. Stay gorgeous with beautiful sarees on your big day.