Different kinds of Sarees in different parts of India

“Saree is one word ,but it’s a powerful symbol of Privilege in India. The Nineyard saree is worn in different patterns, styles and fabrics in India. Which symbolizes the specialities of the state, religious and family values. Wearing saree is a custom of Indian society. When we talk about the saree fabric, name the fabric, it has its own origin and seasons of how it is manufactured. Naming the whole lot of fabrics, a page isn’t enough to describe.

Saree wearing styles and patterns is another scenario, Infinite variety of styles are there and again a page isn’t enough to list out the styles.”Saree to talk, where to start and how to end is a never ending question .Because “Saree is such a powerful content to talk and discuss, debate. So here for not to confuse let’s comment from state wise.As we know territories are in india. Among this the history,culture of sarees is vast. They say, these are hundreds of languages in India. So guess how many patterns and styles of sarees would be clarified in India. Each state has its own dress codes. Listing constant fabric details of the states.

Kancheevaram silk sarees:

Kanchivaram silk sarees we wore for royal people in India. About Kanchevaram silks history says,Firstly the woven, First silk saree is offered for Lord Kanchi Kamakshi then the second woven saree is delivered to the elite person of the Royal society. Common people weren’t allowed to wear Kanchi silk as it privileged for its purity. Later on civilized development those restrictions were declined and Kanchivaram silk is now for all. Depicting each women is a princess and queen. Describing the beauty of Kanchivaram silk sarees are speechless. The colours are vibrant, contrast colours, Kanchivaram silks have a peculiar richness and Royalty. As it is worshipped as purity, Kanchivaram silk priorities in weddings. The bridal Kanchivaram silk sarees are the signature for Tamilnadu Bride. Th pure Mulberry silkis skin friendly and good for health, which attracts only positive energy. The designs woven in Kanchivaram silk sarees are depicting the temple designs, culture ,history of pilgrim tales.

The Maharashtrian Nauvari 

Saree originated from the west coast of India, This saree is special for its nine yards of its length. This saree has a history, where women wore this saree for horse riding , they draped the saree in kashta style in a dhoti pattern proving them to be warrior women. No wonder its a bridal saree , obviously Maratha women look gorgeous in astounding beauty with vibrant colors and dominating borders. Gujaratis wear Bandhani saree , These sarees have a wide range of colours combinations, from the beginning age , till date, the design printed in the saree brings good fortune.

The designs are generally printed with unique tie and dye.These sarees never miss for bridal wear, most of the dieing are hand printed.These prints depict Rajasthani, Gujarati culture.

Bandhari saree are delicate to handle, Preservation of Bhandhini saree is taken alot of care.Washing the saree is handled safely as it releases the color. Added information silver and black oxidized jewelry suits very well for Bandhari sarees.

Here comes the use of West Bengal's tant saree. This is quite different compared to saree comparatively. The Bengali red and white saree is always in trend, which depicts Goddess Durga Devi and is worshiped as purity.

Bengal is a hot state so for the humidity breathable fabric is preferred. All Bengali women’s wardrobe is filled with this Tant saree, a skin friendly fabric  Tant sarees and they are hand printed and zari woven. Festival time Tant saree prioritizes first, especially the white and red combination.

Varanasi and Banarasi sarees were contemporarily worn by royal elite women with kundan jewelries.The unique patterns and motifs depict traditional and cultural values(PTB).

Simple , or grand , elegant looks pave the persian handicrafts from the nawabi city of Lucknow for its predominant chikankari sarees,The colours are soothing and user friendly. Draping chikankari sarees are so easy , the intricate thread woven are heavy , cotton threads , silk threads are used for all over the save are subtle and smooth. It's an all time wearable saree. Hand-loom Bomkai saree from Odisha depicts the mythological motifs on the saree. Cotton and silk material are woven for Bomkai sarees. Magnificent stories and ancient histories are inspired by weaving. Yellow and green colour sarees are the Traditional label for Bomkai sarees. The weaving technique is unique.

Madhya Pradesh reminds evergreen

Chandari saree.They come in silk and cotton; these sarees have an in built Shimmery shine.Light weighed saree is easy to drape.Who says no for hight weight at the same time grandeur looking saree. Chanderi silk sarees are luxury. And its outstanding look.

God’s own country’s Kasavu saree is the traditional value of kerala. Nobody ask as Kasavu saree, they call it as Kerela saree. Half white with golden zari border comes in pure cotton , silk sarees,linen. The contrast colour blouses adds much beauty to the saree. Say if its festive , wedding, modesty is traditional and that is kerala Kasavu saree. Stunning gorgeous is still a wonder how this simple saree adds beauty to all the women who wears it.

One of the costly saree uniquely manufactured only in Assam is Muga sares.They are awesome for its glossy sheen and classy silk, the versatile beauty is incredibly beautiful. The saree itself is produced with a natural gold hint. Assamese priorities Muga sarees are preserved on Assests by Assamese. Jaw dropping look is guaranteed. Depicting the folk culture of Punjab is Phulkari saree. The phulkari saree is randomly designed with geometrical shapes , and floral motifs. The designs are detailed with thread works with contact colour threads. Phulkari sarees are full of embroidery with various patterns. This saree gives an attractive look

and style of dying chowra pattern is Teleganas Pochampally sarees. The dying techniques bring a wavy look to Geometrical designs. The natural artistic designs add more beauty to the saree. Pochampally Silk saree are used in weddings. Pochampally silk is trendy . They are layered with multi colours. It gives an elegant look. 

In a nutshell , saree stories are never ending.