Kanchivaram Sarees - Best For Any Auspicious Occasions


Silk sarees from Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram are well-known worldwide with a geographic reference to the origin of the craft. As a result, the area is frequently referred to as "Silk City" and "City of Temples." Kanchipuram town is referred to as "Silk City" since its residents' primary occupation is weaving the most exquisite and bright Kanchipuram Silks Sarees. 

More than 400 years ago, silk weavers established themselves in Kanchi, giving the city the great distinction of creating the best silk sarees in the nation. The only industries supporting its economy are handlooms and tourism. 

Here are the top four reasons why Kanchipuram Sarees are mostly chosen for auspicious occasions:

Kanchipuram Sarees - Weaving Process

Made from only the highest quality mulberry silk, each and every Kanchipuram silk saree is an individual piece of artwork in and of itself. It perfectly combines the pure gold and silver zari from Gujarat with the lovely silk from the south. 

Before they are used, the threads are first dried in the sun after being soaked in rice water to keep the fabric's thickness and stiffness. Following this step, the motif of silver wire is wrapped around the strands of silk. After that, the weaving is completed by using the golden thread.

Pallu and borders

One of the most distinctive features of Kanchipuram silk sarees is the independent weaving of the borders and pallu. The zigzag design that joins the two parts is known as a pitni. The pallu of a Kanchipuram saree typically features a design and colour significantly dissimilar from the body.

One of the best and most resilient fabrics is the Kanchipuram fabric. Due to the three Silk strands being intertwined with silver wire, the saree is more durable. A Kanchipuram saree typically weighs up to two kg.

Motifs and Varieties

Kanchipuram silk sarees are known for the intricate temple motifs and magnificent mythical tales interwoven into the pattern from the beginning. In addition, general artwork and motifs from various other temples are featured along the border of the saree. These magnificent creatures' bodies are covered in striped patterns, floral buttas, and Temple designs.

Queen of sarees

Every bride needs a Kanchipuram silk saree, also referred to as the "Queen of Sarees", especially in South India. Since the region is known for its Kanchipuram silks, several stores sell these sarees. Being conned by phoney Kanchi silks is a genuine possibility. As a result, one should buy simple Kanchipuram sarees of the highest quality from reputable and trustworthy makers.

In a nutshell

Silk sarees are such an essential and non-negotiable aspect of Indian women's lives that there are not enough words, pages, or reams to describe their splendour and grandeur! Check out Pulimootil Silks for the Kanchipuram silk sarees of your dreams.