Have A Safe And Stylish Diwali

All of us are busy buying new clothes and accessories as Diwali approaches. Our holiday excitement is greatly enhanced by lovely lights, tasty sweets, and firecrackers. However, experts advise exercising caution when participating in certain celebrations, particularly fire-related ones. 

However, dressing safely need not mean you have to sacrifice elegance. Diwali is all about style as well. You can find some stylish and elegant clothes from Pulimootil Silks online

Here are four great styles you can try to make yourself look elegant yet safe this Diwali.


Due to the thinness of the fabric, natural materials like cotton and silk, which are frequently used in Indian clothing, are extremely flammable. Watch out for elaborately dressed diyas and candles, especially if they are made of cotton, linen, or silk blend.

If you still want to wear one, style it with a belt so that the pallu remains intact and you can move freely. 

Lehenga Set

Now is the ideal moment to start playing with your lehenga and let your crazy, exploratory mind run wild. Pair your lehenga with a stylish ruffle top or shirt to offer high-fashion elegance while maintaining comfort. 

The prints are yours to manipulate. Select a soft or complementary colour that goes well with your choker necklace and hand jewellery. You can also choose a plain lehenga ensemble and add bold jewellery and cosmetics.

Lehengas, kurtas, blouse trims, laces, and doris can readily catch fire in addition to the cloth itself. Ensure they are securely fastened when you are wearing them. They will be safely kept away from whatever fire sources thanks to this.

Maxi Dresses

Gowns or even maxi dresses are ideal for any festive setting. No of their size or age, everyone may carry it with ease. They feature a desi-girl look in modern, vivid colours, style, and flare. You can flaunt like a stunning diva by creating a centre hair divider, pulling up your hair, wearing an anklet, and donning jhumkas.

Avoid wearing uncomfortable clothing because it will bother you and those around you. Also, try not to wear clothing with full sleeves or skin-tight fittings made of nylon.

Anarkali Suits

The ideal attire to appear regal and opulent is Anarkali. This fashion has always been popular and will remain so. Choose Anarkali suit sets with lots of flare, embroidery, and printing.

We understand that occasionally a saree or a dupatta is needed to complete an outfit in Indian clothing. The volume makes the garments incredibly complicated, even though they look fantastic. Wear a belt and manage the volume of your dupatta, especially once you're near diyas and candles.

In a nutshell

While you may want to look your most fashionable during the festival of lights, including diyas and poojas, there are several things you can keep in mind about your attire. Your path to a safer Diwali is right here!