Traditional Kerala Sarees for a festive look

With festive season, comes a festive fervor that touches every part of your life. This is particularly true for Indian festivals. Everywhere you look around, you can see the festive mood in the air. It is mostly visible in the changes of attire that people choose around festivals. In the Indian state of Kerala, Onam brings about this change in the atmosphere with its flower carpets, Onam food, celebrations, etc. But one of the most important aspect of Onam is the gorgeous Kerala Saree that women all over the state wear during this season.

The cotton sarees of Kerala, popularly known as Kerala sarees, is inspired by Mundum Neriyathum which is a conventional dress among Malayali women. Unlike its predecessor, Kerala cotton sarees are continuously evolving and keeps developing according to recent trends in the market. These sarees come are available in Zari, copper or golden colored borders with a cream or white texture and is known an Kasavu saree.

While traditionally, the blouse of the saree complements the saree and goes with the color of the saree. However, lately, women are choosing contrast colors and designs for the blouse of the saree. The same holds true for the patterns and designs of the saree. Unlike the traditional plain look of the Kerala saree in a white or cream texture, the new versions of the saree come with different colored borders, embroidery works, mixture of separate fabrics and prints and completely contrasting blouse designs.

For women who are not used to wearing sarees often and are not comfortable in draping them, the mundum neriyathum or the settu mundu, which is a two- piece cotton attire is a more practical option. It not only provides a conventional look, but is also easy to drape and comfortable to wear. Presently, there are a lot of online stores that provide gorgeous Kerala sarees in a wide range of choices, at affordable prices. Start hunting for your perfect saree and get a makeover this festive season.