Kanchivaram Silk Sarees: Let History Repeats Itself On You

The name, ‘Kanchivaram’, derives from a small village named Kancheepuram in Tamil Nādu, a southern Indian state. It is where the ‘Kanchivaram’ saree is believed to have originated, centuries ago, as a favorite choice of clothing of royalties. The ultimate perfection is otherwise “kanchivaram silk sarees”.

The softness of the fabric is skin friendly. It’s also believed wearing kanchivaram silks brings positive vibes to the wearer. It’s quiet easy to find original kanchivaram silks by expecting a simple task, that is burning the silk thread emotes the smell of burning human hair and some may feel burning smell of leather. The fake fabrics which replicate kanchivaram silk sarees doesn’t cause any ashes while burnt not any smell from it, hence it’s understood it’s a common fibre. Though Kanchivaram silks are exclusively for bridals. They are woven for all age category people, from new born to elderly people, it suits all skin types. For its elegant soft nature kanchivaram silks justifies a divine and comfort look on anyone who wear it.

Most of the South Indian temples, kanchivaram silks are given as offerings by deities to god, for its divine and purity. ‘Goddess Kamakshi’ is believed that she belong to weaving community, hence the primary kanchi silks is offered to ‘Kanchi Kamakshi’ by the weavers. That is the reason while a women wears Kanchivaram silk sari is compared to Kanchi Kamakshi. Kanchivaram silk Sarees are available in affordable prices ranging from 2000 INR and leads to considerably more than 10 lakhs INR. They come with silk mark certificate provided by government laboratory to rate its quality and purity. Kanchivaram silk sarees attracted for its vibrant colour combinations. Contrast colour combinations and the patterns of pallu, border adds more beauty. Red, Magenta’s pink, Rani pink are fast moving colours in bridal collections.For Kanchi Kamakshi goddess, green and red combination sarees are said to be her favourites. Kanchivaram silk sarees are upgraded now based on trends, and is trend setting for its fancy looks without loosing its originality. Vast number of colour combinations are woven from vibrant to pastel colours in kanchivaram silks, proving to be satisfying different taste of people.The alluring contrast colour combination of Korvai border specialises in its beauty. People believe investment on pure Kanchivaram silks equal to investing on gold. The incredible beauty lies in wearing kanchivaram silks is no wonder.

Kanchivaram Sarees, famously decorated with royal golden borders, carry a vital historical relevance. The weaving of its fabric is enriched by the traditional Indian artistry and ‘Yaazhi’ designs. These legendary sarees, purely hand-woven from processed silk yarn and zari -- a silk thread coated in gold and silver, received Geographical Indication (GI) status recently.
Kanjivaram Silk Sarees elegantly turn you into a princess who can charm an auspicious occasion. Join the legacy of the Royals and let history repeat itself on you.