How To Be A Gorgeous Malayali Manka This Onam?

One of Kerala's most well-known celebrations is Onam. This huge festival involves a plethora of cultural customs and traditions. Onam is nothing short of an extravagant festival, with exciting boat races, elaborate flower decorations called pookolams, mouthwatering food known as Onasadya, women wearing Mundu saris, or Kerala saris dancing the dramatic thiruvathirakali dance, and ferocious men portraying the dramatic Kathakali dance.

Want some suggestions to be the best Malayali Manka this Onam? Women dress in Kerala saris or Kasavu saris on this day, which is typically off-white handloom sarees with lovely golden borders. When wearing this traditional attire, women radiate grace and elegance. They also use light makeup and wear flowers in their hair. 

Here are some fantastic fashion suggestions for you:

Traditional Kasavu – The Design And Pattern

The Kasavu Saree, an auspicious garment worn by Keralan women during their New Year, is one of the traditional treats enjoyed during Onam celebrations in Kerala. Nowadays, you can buy online Kerala saree with amazing prints and patterns from Pulimootil Online, which can help you stand out from the rest.

Kasavu saree, also known as Setu Sari, Kerala Kasavu, and Mundum Neriyathum (Nereyathum), is a traditional hand-woven saree from Kerala composed of 100 percent cotton. You can have a wide range of options when it comes to women's Onam ethnic clothing because Kerala sarees today feature elaborate thread work, embellished motifs, or even embroidery. Designer blouses are also hugely popular right now! In addition to sarees, women are also wearing crafted kurtas, skirts, and even crop tops that adhere to the Kerala or Onam theme and are simple to dress to create the ideal Onam costume.


Traditional gold jewellery is essential for the celebration when wearing a kasavu saree. You can wear thick bangles or long, elaborate earrings made of gold because it is the preferred colour for Kerala sarees.

Whatever jewellery designs you decide to purchase for yourself or members of your family, don't forget to pair them with stylish heels to complete the festival look.

Hairstyles For Kerala Saree

Onam sarees look fantastic with South Indian haircuts. Onam hairstyles like the classic tidy bun, long plait, or half pony look lovely with floral accents. If you're one of the creative types, try wearing your hair side-swept.

The traditional hairstyle for Kerala is a loose pony, which can be done up for Onam. First, pin your hair up into a beehive shape. Then use a rubber band to secure your hair in the centre. By doing this, your hair is tied in a loose ponytail and matches your Onam saree in a truly ethnic way.

Bottom Line

Try these spectacular and distinctive blouse styles for this Onam to go with your Kerala saree and raise your style game.

Gold and silver neckpieces and jhumkas are excellent ways to accessorise and finish the appearance! I, therefore, hope you use these fashion advice and ideas as a springboard to create some great Onam attire.