Flaunt Your Kerala Saree

Women can now experiment with full-sleeve blouses with Kasavu sarees and blouses with gold printed motifs or embellishments; nevertheless, it is best to avoid outrageously adventurous or extremely loud designs in the blouse since this may disrupt the saree's equilibrium. Stick to the classic south Indian golden necklaces with gold bangles when it comes to jewelry. You can even buy Kerala sarees online without going out for offline shopping.

So, let's find out how you can flaunt your Kerala Sarees regularly.

Colourful Blouses: A blouse in green or red can be an excellent complement to a Kerala saree. A brocade saree with puff sleeves or a high neck top in colors of green and red would undoubtedly complement the elegance of a Kerala saree.

Brides who want to wear a Kerala saree might choose a puff sleeve blouse or a heavily embroidered top in deep green and crimson. A gold hue blouse also steals the stage, and a thick brocade rani pink blouse gets top points!! Check out Pulimootil Silks Online to buy Kerala sarees online.

Hand Printed Sarees: Beautiful hand-painted blouses will add beauty to your plain cotton Kasavu. Not just that, there are several hand-printed Kerala Sarees with deities or mural paintings on the pallu or all over the saree.

Traditional Look with different kasavu: Pulimootil Silks has great ethnic fabric intricately embroidered golden and cream threadwork, giving the clothing a classic look. Since they are created in the Kerala kasavu style using various coloured threads and imprinting cultural and religious patterns in multi-hued threadwork, the borders are put on the pallu or the body of the sari. 

Belt Your Saree: The appropriate belt may make you seem elegant in a saree. Seek a metal waist belt, leather, or fabric embroidered belt that may be worn a bit higher on your waistline. Belts may help keep your pleats in place and hold the pallu off with the help of the belt.


Gajra Look: If you wouldn't want to show off your jewellery during Onam, consider Gajra, a simple but effective accessory. Get a green blouse to pair with your Kerala saree instead of a traditional red blouse. It will enhance the appearance of your saree. The open gajra design will improve your appearance even more.

Set Mundu: The traditional clothing worn by Keralan ladies is known as Mundu Neriyathum, which is the state's distinctive fashion. This particular way of draping a saree consists of an above portion called a Neriyathum and a Mundu, which is the lower garment. Mundu is tightly tucked in at the waist and wrapped around from the bottom portion. Over the blouse, the Neriyathum is draped in the top portion.

Set mundu or set saree are other names for Mundu Neriyuthum. The celebratory variation is known as Kasavu mundu and features a large zari border or a border in a golden tint.

Bottom Line

Leading brands such as Pulimootil Silks Online provide amazing Kerala Saree collections in a broad selection of styles, colours, and specifications. Our shop is brimming with some of the most sought-after sections of fancy sarees that will offer you the most stunning appearance and boost your level of contentment.