Best royal shades To choose for your wedding

Over the years, colour palettes have been a thing for weddings, especially royal and nude colours. So nowadays, brides buy wedding saree online in Kerala, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The colours you choose to wear on your wedding will be one of the main highlights of the day. Creating a distinct wedding colour scheme will make it appear as if you have planned every wedding detail. 


A consistent colour palette is one thing visitors will remember when they depart at the end of the night. After all, if you take the time to make escort cards that coordinate with the bridesmaids' dresses and the signature cocktail, your guests will notice.


Here are the best 6 royal colours that will make you appear gorgeous on your wedding day.


Foil Gold and Ivory

Regarding wedding aesthetics, Ivory is a legendary classic, and a slightly updated version called Foil Gold has recently entered the market. Yes, foil gold is a popular wedding colour among our upcoming brides and grooms. The colour is both traditional and contemporary. And we've been enjoying how the trend is catching on slowly but surely. The bridesmaids and the family can also choose neutral colours to go with the theme.


Know who just set the trend with this colour - Alia Bhatt! She was one of the most beautiful brides in her Sabyasachi ivory and gold transparent saree. Her hand-dyed saree was paired with a matching half-sleeve blouse and a veil and had gold embroidery accents and a scalloped hemline. 



This colour never gets old. This is similar to how Dia Mirza looked like a princess in a simple red silk saree from Raw Mango when she arrived for her day wedding. Her saree was neatly draped and had a big gold border, and she looked stunning. A modest crimson dupatta complemented her bridal look with gold borders.


The colour red is associated with happy occasions. So a woman's wedding, one of the most meaningful days in her life, is incomplete without a red saree as her bridal gown. It is, in fact, the most common hue and a common theme in all Indian weddings.



Lavender is one of the purest colours, and when combined with a dash of blue, it looks even more exquisite and distinct. A pattu saree's checkered pattern makes you stand out from the crowd.


To match the colour theme, bridesmaids can wear a lilac colour and let the bride steal the show, with the most lovable colour of the year.


Pastel Pink

We may anticipate seeing a lot more of the very trendy blush pink in 2021 weddings, as pastels have been all the rage this year. After all, why not? The hue is stunning, flattering on all skin tones, a lovely wedding colour option, and many other reasons. Start thinking about how you'll incorporate this gorgeous hue into your wedding.


Hand-embroidered Indian lotus designs combined European flora and wildlife in Anushka Sharma's soft blush pink silk lehenga. Pink rhinestones were also embedded in her lehenga.



We're rooting for the evergreen natural tone green to stick around for a long time. Regardless of how you dress them, the deep and light colours of green look fantastic. Green kills it with its adaptability, whether in the jewellery, the environment, or the clothes.


Even the bridesmaids and family can wear a contrasting yellow or golden colour to set the bride and groom apart.


White Kasavu

A beige or crème uppadapattu saree, like the one shown, is another option. The body of these sarees has little or no work, while the border and pallu are meticulously woven in vibrant colours. The simplicity of these south Indian wedding sarees highlights the intricate artistry of a bride's gold temple jewellery.


The one actress who rocked the minimalist look was Mridhula Vijai. Mridhula's wedding attire became a significant topic of conversation. The bride looks extremely stunning in her silk Kasavu saree and minimal makeup. You can find similar kasavu saree from Pulimootil, the best online saree boutique in Kerala. 


Bottom Line

Blue, orange, yellow, lilac, violet, and many tones of red work well for summer weddings. A dark purple, lavender, and earthy green combo are very lovely. Another wonderful option is to combine silver, green, and light purple. Seasons provide so many fantastic wedding colour choices that this may be the best place to start. 


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