Add Colours To Your Traditional Kerala Hindu Wedding

Kerala boasts breathtaking beauty and is called "God's own country." Therefore, it is no surprise that Hindu weddings in Kerala are as beautiful in their own right.


White and gold are the traditional colours for any auspicious events held in Keralite communities. These colours are also used in the traditional Kerala marriage ceremony trousseau known as Kasavu. This, though, could get overused and monotonous at a wedding.


So how can you incorporate some colour to your Kerala Hindu Wedding Sarees without sacrificing the integrity of the traditional trousseau?


Beautiful Accessories

Choose stunning and vibrant gold jewellery for your wedding day rather than the typical plain gold Keralite jewellery. To further stand out from the crowd, accessorize with bright, eye-catching bangles, watches, purses, etc.


Your accessories can benefit from a beautiful pop of colour from a designer purse or clutch with vivid embroidery. Bright red lips and eyeshadow can also be used in makeup to counteract the muted Kasavu hues.


Colourful Fabrics And Textures

We know the significance of the genuine gold and white Kasavu, so you can't honestly omit this on the couple's wedding day. To match your colour schemes, your companion can wear a different bordered Kasavu bottom wear, while you can choose brightly coloured textiles for your saree blouse and saree border.


For fantastic attire, look for different textures and textiles to explore, such as handloom, silk, and other materials. These will still look sharp even when they aren't all Kasavu! This will give your attire a lovely and vibrant colour burst without removing the genuine Kerala Hindu Wedding Sarees vibe.


Bring In Some Beautiful Flowers

Flowers in shades of red, yellow and orange bring a splash of colour to the white and gold trousseau. Along with the usual jasmine flowers, women can wear these coloured flowers to give a splash of colour to their clothing. If you want to add a boho touch, ask the bridesmaids to wear headbands made of vibrantly coloured flowers instead of wrist bands with the same coloured flowers.


The men's shirts and blazers can be accessorized with red and pink roses to coordinate with your chosen colour scheme. In addition to bright jasmine blossoms, the bride can braid and bun brightly coloured flowers in her hair.


Additionally, if you want a vibrant colour scheme, you can employ a wedding planner to colour match the flower arrangements with the furnishings and décor of your wedding party.



The bride's aunts apply the initial few coats of henna to her hands during the mehndi ceremony at a Malayali wedding before expert mehndi artists take over and create elaborate designs.


Bottom Line

Due to Kerala's magnificent natural beauty, many people travel there to celebrate their marriages in various towns or nations.


Every culture has distinctive practices that set it apart in some way. These customs make a Hindu wedding in Kerala so simple, lovely, and graceful. The bride exudes poise, and the groom gives the ceremony an air of grandeur.